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IT shouldn’t be a worry or a frustration. It shouldn’t hinder processes or people; it should make things easier. Technology should work without you noticing, enabling you to do what you want. And being able to meet the challenges that businesses inevitably have.

Our IT products are straight forward and simply do the job, like we do. Just get in touch if you have questions.

The right IT Product

The secret to choosing the right product and achieving the best results is easy. We need to find out what you need; how you work, what you have now, how many people will be using it, what do you want your technology to do – rather than what’s currently happening, what does success look like?

You may already know what you need, and want to talk about your choice. Or maybe purchased and want a bit of help getting set-up. Get some expertise from us and get things working properly.

How we help you

We do a number of things, but basically we provide and support all things technical. This includes managing your 3rd party technical suppliers, providing advice and guidance on purchases or planning.

The provision of our products and services are based on understanding what is needed, as well as what you want. And it can be anything from a simple Office 365 licence to a more technical solution involving WiFi, Virtual Desktops or a Hosted Network.

We’re friendly and professional, always looking for ways to make your IT systems work better and improve what you have.

Our IT Products and Services are based on a transparent pricing model. Where needed, we use a fixed cost per month/per user plan which helps to forecast and budget.

We have an easy 5 Step Switch Process for immediate or planned take over of your systems. And if you’re spread out across the UK or have global sites, distance isn’t an issue.

IT Projects are our thing, if you need some short-term support like an office move. And if you’re not sure about what you need, we’ll come onsite to do an IT Audit.

About London Systems

The London Systems approach is about being straight forward, transparent and excellent. We do things differently and specialise in providing complete managed IT services. Cloud based IT Solutions for business in London and globally.

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