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Microsoft Office 365 will always include the latest version of Office applications, currently this is Office 2016. We’ve brought together relevant videos information to help you understand the features and benefits of Office 365.

Microsoft Word 2016

Word Documents

As soon as you open Word 2016, you see links to all of your recent documents. If you’re signed in you can even access all your recent documents regardless of which device you used to last open them. There are lots of templates with even more online and PDF’s are editable in Word.


The ‘Simple Mark-up’ tool makes seeing others’ comments easy; hover over a comment and see their contact details – click to contact them directly or reply to their comment using via live chat, right next to the text.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

Getting Started

Choose from recent or historical presentations as soon as you open PowerPoint or choose a theme or design template. It includes widescreen and HD formats too – or make a custom size.

Giving a presentation

Animation is easier and more flexible to make your presentation more dynamic and you can even zoom into an object whilst presenting, set-up with a projector is now automatic too.

Microsoft Excel 2016

Data entry

It’s all about getting your work done faster – ‘Flash Fill’ recognises the pattern in your data and then completes the rest. It’s easy to create more meaning to your data by formatting – adding charts and even spark lines plus you‘ll see the changes real time as a preview before you choose. The ‘Chart Elements’ tool makes it look better so that your audience will have a better grasp of the information you’re presenting.

Microsoft OneNote 2016

Capture, Share and Store

OneNote is a digital notebook for capturing, storing and sharing all kinds of information. It has a fresh and clean interface and all you need to do is sign into SkyDrive first.

Use any Device

As it’s in the cloud, this means your notes aren’t tied to a particular device and are saved and searchable wherever you are and on nearly any mobile device. Each notebook is shareable too, so you can collaborate with your team and make snapshots of the work for a wider audience.

Microsoft Access 2016

It’s all about Apps

An Access web app is a way of creating databases that’s easy for you to build and for others to use then share via SharePoint in a web browser.

Creating is easy

Building apps is easy; select the type of data you want to track and Access creates the database structure, complete with views that let you add and edit data. Navigation and basic commands are built-in, so you can start using your app right away by choosing a template or making your own.

Microsoft Publisher 2016

Create your communication tools

Publisher makes the creation of newsletters, emails, cards, posters, pictures etc. really easy – you don’t need to be a professional to create professional-looking material.

Simple tools

Import all your pictures to a single canvas and swap them in and out of your design with a simple drag and drop. Use professional-looking effects for text, shapes and pictures, including softer shadows or reflections. Use your online albums on social media to add pictures directly to the document..

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