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27th March, 2020


How Microsoft Teams Can Help You Work From Home

Many businesses are now working from home as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak and it does now seem very likely that it will be this way for some time, therefore finding ways to efficiently work from home is vital.

Microsoft Teams is a platform that allows you to do several things effectively, as it brings together the best parts of Office 365 in a single tool thus making the transition from the office to remote working that little bit smoother.

So, what is Microsoft Teams? It is a communication and collaboration platform that combines several features: chat capabilities, video conferencing, files storage and the integration of other Office 365 applications. The ability to all your daily activities and processes together in one place is undoubtably convenient and Microsoft Teams gives you just that.

Here are some ways in which Teams can help your team to work remotely:

  • Instant messaging - A valuable feature within Teams that allows staff to keep connected throughout the day, whether it be work related chat or the quick chat you would have by the coffee machine if you were in the office.

  • Video and conferencing calling - Hosting meetings with Microsoft Teams is very simple to do and this can be done by either audio only or video calls.

  • Sync SharePoint – Simply bring your SharePoint teams sites to Teams. Users will be able to add SharePoint pages and lists into Teams channels and use the SharePoint news connector to stream news directly into channels.

  • Document collaboration - Within Microsoft Teams you can access all your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF documents. These documents can be edited in real-time and when changes are made by several users, the updates automatically sync.

  • Screen sharing - You can share your screen in a meeting with many participants which is a useful tool as you aren’t able to be side by side with them.

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